Friday, February 10, 2006

Don’t read this unless you are really bored. If you are reading this sentence, it means that you already read too much. Surely, you can find something better and more interesting to do (like reading the tax regulations)I was born in 1977 in India. I got my first computer at age 8, and became a complete geek immediately. Thus, I was condemned to a life of incomprehensible toil as a programmer. Fortunately, I decided that drumming keyboards was not my fate, and faithless and jobless, I opted for a life of relaxation as provided by working in the BPO industry for 4 years. Unfortunately, and disastrously, I became good at it and enjoyed the improved lifestyle of idleness as a trainer in the same company JAt a young age, I developed pathetically bad eyesight. I could not get into the Air Force because I was legally blind, which is slightly better off than being legally blond, I guess. I am into reading Science Fiction, seeing movies (have a mighty big collection) and have recently developed “Rock Neck Syndrome” by nodding too long at a metal concert. I have a weird sense of “humor”. I am also into selling bridges - if you send me enough money, I would sell you one.

I want to be more honest with myself. I want my mind to stop believing that I look anything like Keanu Reeves, I have Stallone’s muscles and most of all, Stephen Hawking’s mind.

I wanna have dinner with the Wachowski brothers and my entire family (as one person, if that’s possible)

My idea of happiness is one day live in the house that I will build on an Island surrounded by native trees and swimming in the sea every day, oh.. And a lot of loud metal music.