Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Turning 30!

Last post - June 28th --- It's been a long time since I updated my blog. I just wanted to make
this one entry as I entered the hallowed 4th decade of my existence on God's green earth. I feel very lucky to have achieved most of what I wanted to achieve before turning 30. For a person who was given up by his parents as a hopeless case at the age of 20, I think I have done pretty well :)

I have really beautiful people in my life... my wife, my parents and my friends. Work is not too taxing and neither is it too boring (of course it does not pay enough, but name one person who is happy about his pay!) I have my health as well, which is a surprise consider the myriad varieties of adventure sports I have taken part in!

My wife has already gifted me a bunch of things for my birthday, so here are 10 'REAL' wishes:

1) I wish that CPI would let the Indo-US Nuclear deal go through. Cheap clean nuclear power is the need of the hour.

2) I wish religious terrorism would stop. I have heard enough about Hindu killing Muslims and Muslims killing Hindus and everyone killing everyone else in the name of religion.

3) I wish politicians were, or started, younger

4) I wish we would stop polluting the atmosphere and depleting the forests and the ozone layer! I would hate my children refusing to inherit the earth!!

5) I wish Bollywood made more watchable films like Chak De India and Dhamaal (thinking only of the ones in the recent past :)) and kicked Hollywood butt!!

6) I wish discrimination against the girl child would stop.

7) I wish traffic would make more sense. I am afraid of driving on Hyderabad roads now!

8) I wish everyone in India would vote!! It really makes a difference, people!

9) I wish computers and the internet were faster!

and finally

10) I wish India rocks the next few decades... we are being heralded as the next big superpower... let's prove everyone right!

And here is another wishlist (a little selfisher :))

  • I wish for a Macintosh Powerbook, a Vertu Cellphone and a Bentley... my life would then be complete!
  • I wish I could fit into my size 30 jeans again! :(
  • I wish the Indian cricket team would go to Australia and kick their ass!! I have had enough of them winning every match
So, here's signing off for the last time before I turn 30! I always dreaded the day.. but somehow, I feel it's not so bad now, and I have many people to thank for it - my family, my friends and most importantly, my wife!!