Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life in the last month has been tiring and hectic. But hey, I will be the last chap to complaint. At least I am getting paid for (and really well) for work that I like to do.

On to other things - The Band with No Name played on the 18th at this pub called Level in Central Court. A fun time was had by all. The band sounded crisp right from note one and the audience had a really great time.

I got to sing 3 songs only due to lack of time. Sang "Man Who Sold The World", "Wonderful Tonight" and "Sultans of Swing". People say that we rocked, and I believe we did. All those practice sessions finally paid off. My first live gig in 6, yes 6, years. It was very gratifying.

I hope to be more regular with my postings here. I have no idea how to put up pics and stuff, but I will ask around :)

Until then, adios amigos and amigas!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Had quite a nice time at the quarterly offsite yesterday. Everyone was very happy with the arrangements we had made.

All of the guys from the team especially liked the sweatshirts we had designed. It actually IS very nice. Keeps you quite warm as well. The guys from the other teams seemed to be very jealous because they had got nothing of this sort.

Well, all the guys had a blast at Pragati Resorts. The setting was spectacular and it was fun all the way. The guys followed Matt and I into the pool. Some of the girls took some persuading, but eventually did jump in.

All this was followed by some Table Tennis and Pool and then by some dancing to some very good music. We eventually made our way home by around 10.30. Let's see what the soulmates have to say on tuesday.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Looking for a place to voice my opinion, I found it in the unlikeliest of places - Maya's band. You cannot imagine the sensation of deep satisfaction that courses down your spine when you hear a song come together and sound grrrrrrrrreat.

I get this feeling every sunday evening when the band practices. We played covers of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Chris Rea, Clapton and of course, Metallica :-)

Boy, its gonna be an awesome show when it finally happens...