Friday, September 08, 2006


I dont mind being ridiculed
Just to feel miniscule
If you consider it pitiful
You dont know a thing about me

Not trying to figure out
A better answer
Keep finding all the problems
I've been looking after

I abstained my part
Vision's all but shot
I have a confession
Must go for all the lessons

My skin, I paint with pain
Guess I dont care any more
My eyes turn from blue to brown
Its the end of everything

Flaws - only thing left that's pure
Everything I see reminds me of her
What the hell am I doing?
Am I wrong, fucked, and overrated?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The war of the youth, inside themselves and against everyone!


Denying the source
disconnected and sore
The choice is there
but our eyes are blind

Now what can be done?
We stand alone
Something inside us
tells us something is wrong

Fighting alone,
exhausted and torn
This time it's for real
but our will is weak

What if we fail,
no one will stay
Put out the light,
wave of anxiety we ride

Afraid of struggle and pain
Easier to sit down and wait
Ignorance is killing youth
Can't you see what I mean?