Monday, February 26, 2007

One for the sweet girl who I am going to marry soon!

I'm willing to surrender
To every notes that spin around
This feeling's clinging to me
And it flows through my veins

The melody sung is secret
Emotions fade into music
I could lose my breath
But even that I'd give up for you

My body shivered as I saw you
The clouds unravel my thoughts
A storm raged around us
And we felt its majesty

Our path is perfectly clear
We belong among the clouds
You destroyed my mundane existence
I will embrace the storm in you!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

5 hours!!

I got a call late at night at 10.30 on the 13th of February from her -

She: "Can you get a day off from work tomorrow?"
Me: "No baby, its gonna be a busy day"
She: "Ok nevermind.. come pick me up at Delhi airport tomorrow at 9 AM"
Me: "Huh? What?"
She: "Come pick me up at Delhi airport tomorrow at 9 AM... I wanna spend our first valentine's day together"
Me: "Girl, are you crazy? How are you gonna do it?"
She: "I have the tickets in my hand.. I have already done it"
Me: "....... wow"
Me: "Ok.. will be there"

So my sweet darling gets to work at 7 in the eve on 13th, works till 2 in the morning, leave for the airport at 4.30, catches the 6.30 flight and gets to Delhi at 9 AM.

We spend the most amazing 5 hours together.. and then she has to leave.. she catches the 4 PM flight on the 14th and reaches Hyd at 7 and goes to work immediately!!!

I always knew that women were strong and that when they loved someone, they loved completely... but this remains, to this day, the most amazing gift I have received from a loved one.. those 5 hours of my life will remain forever precious to me..

They dont make women like you anymore, my mad little girl!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Whisper Clandestine

Various dimensions
You need to live
To freshen from daily shift
And all these humiliations

This reality is untouchable
So near and yet so far
Never enough to reach
The realization of subconscious dreads

Any unreal shape frightens me
I strike relentlessly with fierce attack
You obey you own thoughts
Surrender to the dream-demons

Where reason stops and heart begins
There's a gem just below the fire
Fixed in black and symbols of desire
And a craving to sort you out

To cast you out into darkness
A nighttime whisper clandestine
The nature of secrecy
And disillusioned in between