Friday, February 01, 2008

Coming up everyday (I hope), I will be counting down what I consider the best metal albums of all time. I have hundreds of CDs at home, and I am restricting myself to counting down the top 25! I know a lot of people will disagree with me, so fuck them. However, I also know there will be an equal amount who will agree! Anyway, here goes:


Admit it - this is a surprise! But this amazingly crafted album somehow HAD to make my list. Some of the 8 (long) songs automatically grab you by the throat and make your spine jump out of your body! I was especially impressed two songs - 'Aesthetics of Hate,' and 'Clenching the Fist of Dissent.' Two songs that start off slow, but ultimately chug along and bring out the brutality of war and organized religion, and also about Dimebag Darrell's assassination. Rob Flynn is not guttaral, but there is something about his voice that brings out the scrap in every song. I was also extremely impressed by Phil Demmel's guitaring, which sometimes reminded me of Dimebag (RIP)... All in all, a great effort by the boys from Oakland.

Line-Up: Robb Flynn – vocals, guitar, Phil Demmel – guitar, Adam Duce – bass, backing vocals, Dave McClain – drums

P.S: Check out their previous album "Through The Ashes Of Empires" and the extremely amazing "Imperium"


Some people might consider this to be too low a ranking for such a great album, but it actually pales in comparison to what comes up later in the countdown. This might not be Megadeth's best effort, but it DOES have gems like 'Symphony of Destruction,' 'Psychotron,' and 'Countdown to extinction.' It was also the second time that the supreme lineup of Mustaine, Menza, Ellefson and Friedman turned up to jam together. With Mustaine mouthing off lyrics with clearly political and military undertones, and also (allegedly) against James Hetfield, this is a classic album for the times. If you also take into account that this later became the "sound" of Megadeth, it HAS to make the top-something list of every metal lover!

Line-Up: Dave Mustaine - guitar, lead vocals, Marty Friedman - guitar, backing vocals, David Ellefson - bass, backing vocals, Nick Menza - drums, backing vocals

PS: The slow melodic section at the end of "This Was My Life" is the same chord progression as Mustaine's contribution to the breakdown section in the middle of his former band Metallica's "Phantom Lord" from Kill 'Em All.