Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life in the last month has been tiring and hectic. But hey, I will be the last chap to complaint. At least I am getting paid for (and really well) for work that I like to do.

On to other things - The Band with No Name played on the 18th at this pub called Level in Central Court. A fun time was had by all. The band sounded crisp right from note one and the audience had a really great time.

I got to sing 3 songs only due to lack of time. Sang "Man Who Sold The World", "Wonderful Tonight" and "Sultans of Swing". People say that we rocked, and I believe we did. All those practice sessions finally paid off. My first live gig in 6, yes 6, years. It was very gratifying.

I hope to be more regular with my postings here. I have no idea how to put up pics and stuff, but I will ask around :)

Until then, adios amigos and amigas!!