Wednesday, May 24, 2006

All these thoughts that capture me
They won't let me take control
I've got to rise above my life.
To find the reason I'm alive.

I'll save myself,
I'm all alone.
I've opened my heart
To see there's nobody home.

It's up to me,
I'm on my own.
The message of life is turning
Facing the storm.

My Life is filled with your memory.
You were deep within my heart.
You were deep inside of me.
And all this pain that I'm wrapped around.

If there's a heaven up above,
I see the angels falling down
Life is like a distress call,
wail deep within my soul, cry deep within me


You lost all faith in promises
And in real love closing in
Tired of deciphering
Your wayward mind's strands of truth

Puzzled by the trappings
Your words make the edges blur
Standing on the outskirts
Of sincerity and pride

The ends of your conditioning
To swallow, and force to like it
Choose to keep me in the dark
Than look me in the eye

There's something in the words I hear
That makes me want to take a stand
You think its gone on too long
I would have chosen to disengage

So what if healing takes forever
so what if time is meant for others
so what is left is but to shatter
Can't what is broken be whole?

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Silence is reeling in my head
I dont want to remember this
But it must be what I miss
Suddenly I find I’m standing still
Staring at the ground, waiting for a sound
The voice of loss is sighing through the night
And as I turn around, nothing's to be found
For hours now upon this endless road
Is it taking me where I long to be?


You leave your feelings out there hanging
Just don’t know what I will do
It always will be the same old story
This kind of love could never be true

What in the world has come over you
Should I hold you close or let you go by
Just fed up, tired and lonely
Wanting to run away and hide

I was riding, trying to get to heaven
Down the road to nowhere
Just standing in the doorway crying
Until my eyes begin to bleed