Monday, May 26, 2008

Number 21 and 20 of my countdown of the top 25 Metal Albums of all time!!


Unlike Metallica and Slayer, the problem with the guys from New York was that they never took themselves too seriously and this resulted in an album slightly on the lighter side than those of their rivals, but it still had enough power to make my top 25 of all time. The lightness, is of course, speaking about the overall vein of the album as there is nothing light about the music itself. The riffs are truly excellent throughout the whole album. You will find that every single one of them forces you into uncontrolled head banging mayhem and air guitar heroism.

Stand out songs are "Among the Living," "Caught in a Mosh," "Indians," and "I Am The Law." But the beauty of this album is that not a single song can be considered filler. The opening track explodes with incredible energy and this energy doesn't wear off all the way to the speedy "Imitation Of Life".

This release can be almost sure one of the best Thrash releases ever!

Line-Up: Joey Belladonna – Vocals, Dan Spitz –Lead Guitar, Scott Ian – Rhythm Guitar, Frank Bello – Bass Guitar, Charlie Benante – Drums

PS : I had the fortune of seeing this classic line up during their reunion tour in 2006 in San Francisco!! What an evening!! :)


A symphonic black metal album in my top 25 - beat that! This was Cradle's third release and their second full-length album. It was a lot different from their previous album in terms of sound. “Dusk & Her Embrace” might sound cluttered and chaotic, and honestly, I perceived this album as 'could have been produced better.' However, the tone is exactly right, with a balanced mix of brutality and atmosphere. This is probably Dani’s most dramatic vocal performance on any of their releases. The shrieks are very high and very fast. The songs are continually changing and the complexity of the arrangements and musical commentary cannot be ignored.

The entire album is an incredible collection of unforgettable songs, so I’d be hard pressed to pick out one favorite. Take for instance, the signature riff and the timeless bass-line on “Heaven Torn Asunder”, the heartbreaking sadness of “Funeral In Carpathia”, the classic flair to “Dusk & Her Embrace” and its outstanding drumsolo. All these songs paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener and somehow transport you to a decaying, snow-ridden, dark world. With this record, the band proved that even the most brutal and intense music can be beautiful and although hated by a few, each band must be given a fair chance.

Line-up : Dani Filth - Vocals, Stuart Antsis - Guitar, Damien Gregori - Keyboards, Robin Eaglestone - Bass, Nicholas Barker - Drums, Gian Pyres - Guitar

PS : First read the lyrics which are virtually of Shakespearean quality !

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